Where Albert Einstein went wrong... Proof of Velocity of Light being Relative to Gravity.

Albert Einstein in his Special Theory of Relativity said that Velocity of Light is Constant in Free Space. That is, Velocity of Light is Constant on the Surface of the Earth or on the Surface of the Moon. But, it's not so. I beg to differ on it and here is my explanation.
Ordinary body is measured in terms of MASS.
Total Energy is equal to the Sum of Kinetic Energy and Potential Energy.
For ordinary body
Gravity is Directly Proportional to Change in Velocity per Time.
Velocity of Light is constant when it is measured on the surface of the Earth i.e; it's Constant where ever there is No Considerable Change in Gravity.
What happens when the Velocity of the Same Light ( Same Source, Same Conditions - Except Gravity ) is measured on the Surface of the Earth and on the Surface of the Moon?
According to Albert Einstein it must be Constant. But, I beg to differ. It's not constant and here is why?!
For ordinary body we have " MASS " but when it comes to
LIGHT we have " ENERGY/MASS " since Energy = Product of Mass and Velocity Square. E=m c(square).
P.E is Directly Proportional to mgh
m mass
g gravity
h height or distance travelled
P.E/m is proportional to gh
where h=vt
P.E/mvt proportional to g
For ordinary body
g is proportional to v/t
For Light
g is proportional to E/mvt, since Light is a form of energy with mass
Let's take t ( Time ) as constant.
So when it's ordinary body...

1. Gravity is directly proportional to Change in Velocity.
But, when we take Light into account...

2. Gravity is inversely proportional to E/mv i.e; Change in Gravity leads to Change in Velocity of Light. As gravity increases velocity of light decreases and when gravity is lesser then the velocity of light is more when compared to a location where gravity is more...
So, Velocity of Light on Earth is lesser than Velocity of Light on Moon.
For ordinary body Gravity is directly proportional to Velocity and when it comes to Light Gravity is inversely proportional to Velocity. Since Light is a product of both Energy and Mass unlike an ordinary body which is a product of Mass alone.
So, as Gravity increases Velocity of Light decreases.
So velocity of Light is more in space ( where there is little gravity ) and on the Moon ( where the Gravity is lesser than that on the Earth ) when compared to Velocity of Light on Earth.

3. Velocity of light is relative.

Everything is well defined in three dimensions. Space too is three dimensional. String Theory claims more than three dimensions. Time is an imaginary dimension. Time is a reflection of Change. Time is a representation of Change. There are three and only three Space dimensions and one Time dimension. Existence of anything short of three dimensions is impossible since anything that exists can not be destroyed into nothingness. If more than three dimensions can exist, they have to exist everywhere and always. Since anything can not be created out of nothingness more than three dimensions can not be given existence out of nothingness. Therefore String Theory can not be true.

4. There are three dimensions and three dimensions only.

Therefore anything short of three dimensions and more than three dimensions is impossible.

5. Time Travel is impossible.

There are no infinite parallel Worlds with infinite parallel changes and we can not Time Travel. Time Travel is meaningless.

6. Tan 90 can not exist.

7. God(s) can not exist.

God(s) can not create and God(s) can not destroy and God(s) can not change laws.
God(s) can not create laws and also can not destroy laws...
Therefore God(s) can not exist.