Is EVERYTHING predetermined? What about free will?

There are two kinds of laws.

1. Absolute laws.


2. Relative laws.

Absolute laws: These laws are equations and they are almost perfect. Where lies imperfection? If we divide 1 with 2 we get 0.5 but when we divide 1 with 3 we get an imperfect answer and there lies the imperfection in Absolute laws. So, if we have to cut an Apple into three parts we end up cutting it but not into equal parts and the same happens, always happens in our real World. Yes, it’s true there is this imperfection and therefore everything does not fall into a World which is perfectly determined. So, our World is not perfect or to say, it is not determined, free will exists.

Relative laws: If we take an Apple, a Football and Earth we can see which is bigger and which is smaller. The very words bigger, smaller, larger,… and so on fall into relative laws. If a tennis ball is bigger than ping pong ball then it is " bigger " and this is not absolute... that is, it is smaller than is " smaller ". So at one point of comparison it is bigger and at another time it is smaller and that is what Relative means and that suggests it is not perfect or absolute. Intelligence is the main example of Relative laws. All Intelligence is nothing but relative, also Life is the result of the only two types of laws mentioned above, so Life is governed by both Absolute laws and Relative laws. Relative laws suggest that we can make a decision and that means everything is not perfect or to say everything is not determined that is FREE WILL exists.

In an equation F=MA the values of F,M and A can be Relative but the equation itself is Absolute.

Good news: FREE WILL ( Everything is not predetermined ) EXISTS. If god(s) exist... Do they know what will happen without any exceptions? What about freewill? Gods can't exist... Freewill exists. Hurray!