FTE (What is infinite?) Part II

So, the denominator is the first thing that is to be used.
2/3 means 2 cut into 3 parts and 3/0 means 3 cut into 0 parts or we can say 3/0 means 3 disappears.
Let's use XY=1... We can clearly see that neither X nor Y can ever be zero. That is X=1/Y i.e; 1/0 is impossible.
XY=1 or XY=3 proves that 1/0 or 3/0 is impossible.

What is division with 0.1?

(A). Division with 0.1 is possible in virtual reality or virtual existence and is impossible in physical reality or physical existence since you can’t cut a single Apple with 0.1 and make it into 10 Apples.

You can say 1/0.1 as 10/1 as 10 units is a single apple.
So single apple divided by 1 so 1/0.1 is 10/1 where 10=single apple.
In physical reality division is possible if the divider is 1 or greater than 1.

There are two types of realities, virtual reality and physical reality.

Infinity means ever increasing.
So, +ve infinity is ever increasing and -ve infinity is ever decreasing.
Ever decreasing is -ve infinity that keeps on going below zero, further left to zero on a number line where negative values are on left side and positive values are on the right side with zero in between.

In virtual reality negative infinity is possible and in physical reality there is no such thing as negative thing, the least value for physical existence of anything physical or anything that depends upon physical things is zero.

So in virtual reality the opposite of +ve infinity is -ve infinity, that is; in virtual reality the opposite of ever increasing is ever decreasing since in English the opposite of increasing is decreasing this holds good and is appropriate.

But, in physical reality it is the other way around. In physical reality English plays the key role.

Positive infinity/+ve infinity/ever increasing means unlimited.

The opposite of UNLIMITED in physical reality and English is LIMITED.

The opposite of infinite Mondays is Zero Mondays. So in physical reality the opposite of infinity is zero.

Therefore, in virtual reality the opposite of +ve infinity is -ve infinity and in physical reality the opposite of +ve infinity is zero and in physical reality there is no negative existence hence -ve infinity is impossible.

In physical reality negative thing exists in a sense that it is relatively negative but not absolutely...

If there are four apples on a table and if I eat three of them we can say the 4-3=1 so -3 is a relative or comparison thing, -3 is the absence of three physical apples which cease to exist in their original form.

If we go in opposite directions we can use negative values to indicate such result but physically there is no negative apple. If I am supposed to give you money i.e; if I owe you money then it doesn't mean I own negative money simply because we are in debt but negative value can be used to represent some deficit and that is all, there is no negative physical existing thing.

If time is negative it doesn't mean we went back... if you play a video and go back and forth it doesn't mean there is negative time even though you went back and forth in time(video time-relative time)... so there is no negative physical thing in the entire World/Universe what so ever.

Okay Friends...

why is creation not possible?
Why is destruction not possible?
Creation means 1 or 2 or 3 popping from 0 right?

0 becomes 1 0 become 2 or 5 becomes 10 and so on.
When you say 1 becomes 13 then you mean 1=13 right?

But XY=1 says 1/Y or 1/X is impossible if X and or Y equals 0.
In other words 1/0 is impossible.
If 1/0 is possible then we get 1=0 and 2=23 and so on.

The fact that such equality is impossible means creation and destruction are simply impossible.