FTE (What is infinite?) Part I

 What is infinite?

Infinite = Not finite.
If any number is finite then Infinite cannot be a number.
Conclusions such as “It is Not Defined  or "Undefined " are not proper.
Numbers being infinite is a property of numbers and, no number can ever equal INFINITY... INFINITY is not a number.
Any number, however large or small is always finite. So, no number is ever infinite.
Numbers are infinite.
Numbers being infinite is one of the properties of the numbers.
Numbers don't have physical existence.
Undefined or Not defined means it has no definite solution.
When you divide any number with zero it can never be said as Undefined.

When you place an Apple on the table and eat it then you can say there is no Apple on the table.
That is...
There is nothing on the table!
Zero = Nothing.
If Zero is Mathematics and, Nothing is English and, Nothingness is Physics then how can I say... THEY ARE CONNECTED!
Mathematics is some form of Truth or Law.
Also English and Physics are some forms of Truth and Laws.
The M, E and, P words are different names but they are all truths or laws governing the World or Universe.
So “nothing” is not just an M or E or P word, it is all!

When you say (Apple/Zero) then you mean Apple destroyed into Zero.

1/2 means 1 cut into 2.
So, 1/0 means 1 cut into 0.

If 1 Apple can be cut into 0 or if 0 can give birth to 1 Apple then 1/0 has an answer but, it is not possible.
The answer to 1/0 is not Undefined, it is Impossible.
So, 1/0 is impossible.

It is said that 0/0 is indeterminate...
Is it so?
Why not?

No, it is not indeterminate.
And, why is it so?

Because, when you divide with anything then the denominator is given the first preference... it is not just preference, it is the truth or common sense or logic.
Anything divided by 0 is said to be 0.
And, it is true because 0 in the numerator means you have nothing to divide.
So, you are not given the Apple in the first place.
How can you eat an Apple if you don't have any?

So, what is 0/0 then?

When you are dividing some number with another number then the number that acts as the denominator is the first thing that is important, not the other way around.
So, when you are asked to divide an Apple into two parts you don't say... here... take this two Apples!
It is, two halves of the 1 Apple.
So, division of an Apple into zero parts is impossible.
And, 0/0 doesn't mean you have nothing to divide, it means you can't divide anything (even 0) into 0 parts.

When you say 0/0, there are no two things such as...
First thing: 0 in the numerator meaning “Nothing to divide "...
Second thing: 0 in the denominator meaning “Divide the numerator into nothing ".

The “Second thing “is the correct answer.

Because, 1/2 doesn't mean 1/2 = 1!
It means 1/2 = 0.5.

End of Part I.