Loser? Me? No way!

Are you a loser? Are you worried? Are you afraid?
Never mind. There is a statement I hate most... ( All World loves a Winner and there is no time for a Loser )...

There is a solution.
Present ( Now ) is the only Present ( Gift ).
If you do it now, like NOW then you are on the way to success. A journey of 1000 miles starts with a single step so take that initial single step, now. Do it now.
If you don't prepare or take action for success you are preparing or taking action to fail. So, prepare well, now.


What to do? When to do? Where to do? How to do?...???
When we look at a clock we can see that the " seconds hand " is doing its job. What about ourselves? What do we do? Do we do the best / the right ( correct ) thing every second? How? Simple...
Just think... The " seconds hand " in the clock is doing its job without failure and something similar happens to us too. There are two things in our World and they are Absolute laws and Relative laws... Laws that determine what should happen like the work of seconds hand and the laws that allow change to happen like we making decisions and changing our World. So what to do? Just think... Think what? Just think that... What ever you do... Where ever you do... When ever you do... Do what you can speak of... If you end up doing something that you can justify with you Mom, Dad, Uncle, Aunty, Teacher,...
Not just now... Every second... Then you end up with SUCCESS and SUCCESS only!

Hurray! Success at last!
Just do anything, every second, which you can talk about with everyone! Just do the best!