FTE (What is infinite?) Part II

So, the denominator is the first thing that is to be used.
2/3 means 2 cut into 3 parts and 3/0 means 3 cut into 0 parts or we can say 3/0 means 3 disappears.
Let's use XY=1... We can clearly see that neither X nor Y can ever be zero. That is X=1/Y i.e; 1/0 is impossible.
XY=1 or XY=3 proves that 1/0 or 3/0 is impossible.

What is division with 0.1?

(A). Division with 0.1 is possible in virtual reality or virtual existence and is impossible in physical reality or physical existence since you can’t cut a single Apple with 0.1 and make it into 10 Apples.

You can say 1/0.1 as 10/1 as 10 units is a single apple.
So single apple divided by 1 so 1/0.1 is 10/1 where 10=single apple.
In physical reality division is possible if the divider is 1 or greater than 1.

There are two types of realities, virtual reality and physical reality.

Infinity means ever increasing.
So, +ve infinity is ever increasing and -ve infinity is ever decreasing.
Ever decreasing is -ve infinity that keeps on going below zero, further left to zero on a number line where negative values are on left side and positive values are on the right side with zero in between.

In virtual reality negative infinity is possible and in physical reality there is no such thing as negative thing, the least value for physical existence of anything physical or anything that depends upon physical things is zero.

So in virtual reality the opposite of +ve infinity is -ve infinity, that is; in virtual reality the opposite of ever increasing is ever decreasing since in English the opposite of increasing is decreasing this holds good and is appropriate.

But, in physical reality it is the other way around. In physical reality English plays the key role.

Positive infinity/+ve infinity/ever increasing means unlimited.

The opposite of UNLIMITED in physical reality and English is LIMITED.

The opposite of infinite Mondays is Zero Mondays. So in physical reality the opposite of infinity is zero.

Therefore, in virtual reality the opposite of +ve infinity is -ve infinity and in physical reality the opposite of +ve infinity is zero and in physical reality there is no negative existence hence -ve infinity is impossible.

In physical reality negative thing exists in a sense that it is relatively negative but not absolutely...

If there are four apples on a table and if I eat three of them we can say the 4-3=1 so -3 is a relative or comparison thing, -3 is the absence of three physical apples which cease to exist in their original form.

If we go in opposite directions we can use negative values to indicate such result but physically there is no negative apple. If I am supposed to give you money i.e; if I owe you money then it doesn't mean I own negative money simply because we are in debt but negative value can be used to represent some deficit and that is all, there is no negative physical existing thing.

If time is negative it doesn't mean we went back... if you play a video and go back and forth it doesn't mean there is negative time even though you went back and forth in time(video time-relative time)... so there is no negative physical thing in the entire World/Universe what so ever.

Okay Friends...

why is creation not possible?
Why is destruction not possible?
Creation means 1 or 2 or 3 popping from 0 right?

0 becomes 1 0 become 2 or 5 becomes 10 and so on.
When you say 1 becomes 13 then you mean 1=13 right?

But XY=1 says 1/Y or 1/X is impossible if X and or Y equals 0.
In other words 1/0 is impossible.
If 1/0 is possible then we get 1=0 and 2=23 and so on.

The fact that such equality is impossible means creation and destruction are simply impossible.


FTE (What is infinite?) Part I

 What is infinite?

Infinite = Not finite.
If any number is finite then Infinite cannot be a number.
Conclusions such as “It is Not Defined  or "Undefined " are not proper.
Numbers being infinite is a property of numbers and, no number can ever equal INFINITY... INFINITY is not a number.
Any number, however large or small is always finite. So, no number is ever infinite.
Numbers are infinite.
Numbers being infinite is one of the properties of the numbers.
Numbers don't have physical existence.
Undefined or Not defined means it has no definite solution.
When you divide any number with zero it can never be said as Undefined.

Fundamental Theory Of Existence

1. Zero cannot exist as denominator.

2. Anything cannot be created out of nothingness, only change of form is possible and change is everywhere.

3. Anything cannot be destroyed into nothingness, only change of form is possible and change is everywhere.

4. Existence of anything cannot be infinite.

5. There is no beginning and an end to the existence of the World.

Where Albert Einstein went wrong... Proof of Velocity of Light being Relative to Gravity.

Albert Einstein in his Special Theory of Relativity said that Velocity of Light is Constant in Free Space. That is, Velocity of Light is Constant on the Surface of the Earth or on the Surface of the Moon. But, it's not so. I beg to differ on it and here is my explanation.
Ordinary body is measured in terms of MASS.
Total Energy is equal to the Sum of Kinetic Energy and Potential Energy.
For ordinary body
Gravity is Directly Proportional to Change in Velocity per Time.
Velocity of Light is constant when it is measured on the surface of the Earth i.e; it's Constant where ever there is No Considerable Change in Gravity.
What happens when the Velocity of the Same Light ( Same Source, Same Conditions - Except Gravity ) is measured on the Surface of the Earth and on the Surface of the Moon?
According to Albert Einstein it must be Constant. But, I beg to differ. It's not constant and here is why?!
For ordinary body we have " MASS " but when it comes to
LIGHT we have " ENERGY/MASS " since Energy = Product of Mass and Velocity Square. E=m c(square).
P.E is Directly Proportional to mgh
m mass
g gravity
h height or distance travelled
P.E/m is proportional to gh
where h=vt
P.E/mvt proportional to g
For ordinary body
g is proportional to v/t
For Light
g is proportional to E/mvt, since Light is a form of energy with mass
Let's take t ( Time ) as constant.
So when it's ordinary body...

1. Gravity is directly proportional to Change in Velocity.
But, when we take Light into account...

2. Gravity is inversely proportional to E/mv i.e; Change in Gravity leads to Change in Velocity of Light. As gravity increases velocity of light decreases and when gravity is lesser then the velocity of light is more when compared to a location where gravity is more...
So, Velocity of Light on Earth is lesser than Velocity of Light on Moon.
For ordinary body Gravity is directly proportional to Velocity and when it comes to Light Gravity is inversely proportional to Velocity. Since Light is a product of both Energy and Mass unlike an ordinary body which is a product of Mass alone.
So, as Gravity increases Velocity of Light decreases.
So velocity of Light is more in space ( where there is little gravity ) and on the Moon ( where the Gravity is lesser than that on the Earth ) when compared to Velocity of Light on Earth.

3. Velocity of light is relative.

Everything is well defined in three dimensions. Space too is three dimensional. String Theory claims more than three dimensions. Time is an imaginary dimension. Time is a reflection of Change. Time is a representation of Change. There are three and only three Space dimensions and one Time dimension. Existence of anything short of three dimensions is impossible since anything that exists can not be destroyed into nothingness. If more than three dimensions can exist, they have to exist everywhere and always. Since anything can not be created out of nothingness more than three dimensions can not be given existence out of nothingness. Therefore String Theory can not be true.

4. There are three dimensions and three dimensions only.

Therefore anything short of three dimensions and more than three dimensions is impossible.

5. Time Travel is impossible.

There are no infinite parallel Worlds with infinite parallel changes and we can not Time Travel. Time Travel is meaningless.

6. Tan 90 can not exist.

7. God(s) can not exist.

God(s) can not create and God(s) can not destroy and God(s) can not change laws.
God(s) can not create laws and also can not destroy laws...
Therefore God(s) can not exist.

Life is Everything?

LIFE is Everything.

Death is big, really big. But, Life is EVERYTHING, really EVERYTHING.

We always have a choice… to choose between success or failure… to choose between Life or Death. Many a time we unconsciously have to make this choice.

Failure is not an option.

Choose LIFE… Life is EVERYTHING. It is indeed everything. If you don’t exist, nothing exists, everything ends here and now.

If you exist, everything exists, the entire World and the World full of possibilities exist.

Never give up LIFE.

There is no alternative. Life is EVERYTHING.

Loser? Me? No way!

Are you a loser? Are you worried? Are you afraid?
Never mind. There is a statement I hate most... ( All World loves a Winner and there is no time for a Loser )...

There is a solution.
Present ( Now ) is the only Present ( Gift ).
If you do it now, like NOW then you are on the way to success. A journey of 1000 miles starts with a single step so take that initial single step, now. Do it now.
If you don't prepare or take action for success you are preparing or taking action to fail. So, prepare well, now.


What to do? When to do? Where to do? How to do?...???
When we look at a clock we can see that the " seconds hand " is doing its job. What about ourselves? What do we do? Do we do the best / the right ( correct ) thing every second? How? Simple...
Just think... The " seconds hand " in the clock is doing its job without failure and something similar happens to us too. There are two things in our World and they are Absolute laws and Relative laws... Laws that determine what should happen like the work of seconds hand and the laws that allow change to happen like we making decisions and changing our World. So what to do? Just think... Think what? Just think that... What ever you do... Where ever you do... When ever you do... Do what you can speak of... If you end up doing something that you can justify with you Mom, Dad, Uncle, Aunty, Teacher,...
Not just now... Every second... Then you end up with SUCCESS and SUCCESS only!

Hurray! Success at last!
Just do anything, every second, which you can talk about with everyone! Just do the best!

Is EVERYTHING predetermined? What about free will?

There are two kinds of laws.

1. Absolute laws.


2. Relative laws.

Absolute laws: These laws are equations and they are almost perfect. Where lies imperfection? If we divide 1 with 2 we get 0.5 but when we divide 1 with 3 we get an imperfect answer and there lies the imperfection in Absolute laws. So, if we have to cut an Apple into three parts we end up cutting it but not into equal parts and the same happens, always happens in our real World. Yes, it’s true there is this imperfection and therefore everything does not fall into a World which is perfectly determined. So, our World is not perfect or to say, it is not determined, free will exists.

Relative laws: If we take an Apple, a Football and Earth we can see which is bigger and which is smaller. The very words bigger, smaller, larger,… and so on fall into relative laws. If a tennis ball is bigger than ping pong ball then it is " bigger " and this is not absolute... that is, it is smaller than Earth...it is " smaller ". So at one point of comparison it is bigger and at another time it is smaller and that is what Relative means and that suggests it is not perfect or absolute. Intelligence is the main example of Relative laws. All Intelligence is nothing but relative, also Life is the result of the only two types of laws mentioned above, so Life is governed by both Absolute laws and Relative laws. Relative laws suggest that we can make a decision and that means everything is not perfect or to say everything is not determined that is FREE WILL exists.

In an equation F=MA the values of F,M and A can be Relative but the equation itself is Absolute.

Good news: FREE WILL ( Everything is not predetermined ) EXISTS. If god(s) exist... Do they know what will happen without any exceptions? What about freewill? Gods can't exist... Freewill exists. Hurray!

Email from Tate Garringer

I received a mail from Tate Garringer and I'm very happy to receive such an email and here is my reply.

Thanks for mailing me and you are right Gravity can bend Space and I need to change that part of my  theory but I disagree with you on " Light's velocity is constant ". When you throw a stone from a moving bus or train you can see that the stone gathers velocity of the bus or train and when you switch on a source of light then what happens? Light doesn't get faster! Yes, that's true. But, why? Simple...Light doesn't travel with bus or train it is produced from the source and then it travels, it simply has nothing to do with velocity of bus or train. Gravity has its effect on everything...yes, everything. Light is no exception. What do we understand from Albert Michelson and Edward Morley experiment? They proved that " ETHER " doesn't exist and they got a Nobel prize for it. Albert Einstein stated that light's velocity of light is relative in his world famous theory and then he didn't mention why?! He did say that gravity bends space and light when travels in bent space appears to be bent. But, what does that have to do with light's velocity being constant? Actually I forgot why and I have to do some research on it and I would be very happy if you can shed some light upon the situation. Why is it that the light's velocity appears to be constant and the velocity of other bodies relative? Simple... we don't get hold of light and you do know that it's not the case with other bodies. I mean... we don't catch or hold light!

Why is it that the velocity of light is measured constant on ground or on the surface of the earth but the velocity of the other bodies very? Because light is a form of energy and it's not completely energy. What does the world famous equation Energy equals to product of Mass and Velocity of Light square say? What does the equation of Kinetic Energy say? Kinetic Energy is equal to Half of the product of Mass of the body and square of the Velocity of the body. Both these equations point out the fact that Mass, Energy and Velocity or not one and the same but are connected and cause one and the same effect on the body or light. What is light? Does light have any mass? If light has mass what is it called? Is it called relativistic mass or intrinsic mass? Or both the same? Any way light is connected to mass, energy and velocity and these inturn are connected to gravity. Everything is connected. Everything is connected. Everything is connected. I repeat, EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED. Gravity can bend space, light and what not! But, how? Why do we measure the velocity of light to be constant on the surface of the earth where as the velocities of all other bodies vary? Simple... other bodies are masses, have potential energy but are not forms of energy where as light has mass and is a form of energy so where ever the gravity value doesn't vary the velocity of light doesn't vary.

So how do you prove it? Simple... measure velocity of light on Moon or somewhere other than the surface of the Earth, where there is considerable change in gravity and holla! what do you get? We can see the difference in velocity of light that is measured on the moon's surface from that measured on the surface of the earth. Yes, that right. The velocity of light depends upon energy, mass and gravity and it's measured to be constant where ever there is no change in gravity. Albert Einstein stated that velocity of light is constant and that means we should get same value for velocity of light on the surface of the earth and on the surface of the moon... and that's not the complete story...he stated that gravity bends space so light traveling in a straight line appears to be bent. Yes, he's right gravity does bend space but he didn't say light is slowed down in bent space. Yes if space is bent... then light traveling in the bent space behaves differently! Bent space doesn't alter the properties of light but it actually produces effects such as gravity lensing and it's observed and proved. The only way to prove my postulate is to measure velocity of light on the surface of the earth and on the surface of the moon with same source of light and find out if it's any different from one another.

Time travel: You said that time travel is possible and it's proved. But, what's is time travel? Gravity bends space and what does it do to time? Remember? Everything is connected. When gravity increases changes take place slowly and what does that mean? Time is a measure of change. Time is relative and it can be zero but change is permanent and when we say change is zero it refers to some base value or assumption. Change or time have no beginning and no end. The time we measure using clocks are relative and can be zero and can vary from each other but the change that's universal is not zero and that means time of the world/universe is never zero. Then why is time relative and what does... time is zero... mean? Gravity and time are related. But, how? Gravity attracts and this attraction slows change in everything and that means ---> more gravity slow change or slow time. Got it? What is time travel? How can time travel exist?
If you change the meaning of time travel then you can say time travel is possible other wise time travel is not only impossible but also meaning less. It all depends upon how you define time travel. There exists one and only one World/Universe and it's always changing and there is no substitute to it... So how can you go back or further in time when there is only one such world? I agree with you that there are four but not three dimensions... Three Space and One Time ( Dimensions ). What I proved is... there are three and three only ( Space Dimensions ). And now... the big question is what god or gods have to do with XY=1? XY=1 is a Rectangular Hyperbola and it's an example and only an example to prove my theory... I mean many postulates in my theory. If you don't understand XY=1... then please mail me again and I'll explain how and why!? But, before you mail me please go through my blog... ( http://sagargorijala.blogspot.com/ ).

I explained why god(s) can't exist and please do participate in the two polls and also please " like " the facebook pages I provided in the blog. This is my facebook link... my very own facebook profile... if you have a facebook account please login and add me as your friend and my gmail account is way12go@gmail.com and I send you a invite. Thanks a lot for mailing me and see you later. Have a great day. I added this mail message to my blog. Entire message...including yours.


This was posted about 5 months ago and I had some discrepancies that I felt an urge to discuss with you in hopes that you might be able to clarify your ideas.
Firstly, You said stated the the velocity of light is relative. Now, I didn't understand when directly after you stated that Einstein was incorrect about the ability of space-time to bend flexibly and here is why:

If space-time cannot be bent then there is no relativity to lightspeed, thus, lightspeed would be constant. Light is bent by intense gravity and gravity is generated by objects with large mass. Mass bends space in a sort of "pinched" formation. As you get closer to a massive object, space is bent more and more, proportional to the object. This bend in space and time would be a direct cause of your relative velocity, and so it seems you contradict yourself. And while I'm at it, I may as well tell you that the speed of light IS indeed constant, only slowed through different media such as liquid and gas. Pretty much regardless of where you go, light will travel at about 300,000 m/s(s).

Second, Time travel is entirely possible, it's already been done in very small increments. Read up on Time Dialation. Time travel to the past is thought to be very unlikely though. Never say never!

Thirdly, time is a defined dimention.

And fourth, what does this have to do with a god? If you already no matter is neither created nor destroyed then your search is over. No gods.

I appreciate your time and hope for a response!
-Tate Garringer.